About Us

Sunburst Energy Systems Inc. was founded in 1982  as a representative installer for Hydrotherm Solar Systems. Sunburst installed many residential and commercial solar hot water heating systems throughout the Philadelphia region.

Through a partnership with Monitor Data Corporation of Glenside, Pennsylvania, Sunburst Energy quickly became a leader in Utility Submetering and Energy Cost Apportionment, serving the multifamily industry throughout the Philadelphia area, New Jersey, and New England.

Sunburst Energy led into the field of mechanical contracting, installing hydronic and steam boiler systems, commercial hot water systems, and commercial HVAC projects.

With a steady foothold in the regional construction market, Sunburst Energy has become a trusted partner in design-build projects and retrofits that focus on energy conservation and reduced building overhead.

Sunburst continues to provide competitive installation of Utility Submetering and HVAC systems. With an eye to the past, Sunburst has developed a team driven management approach to deliver products and services consistent with the sustainable design and management of the buildings to come in the future.

Sunburst Energy Systems Inc., based in Glenside, Pennsylvania, provides Mechanical Contracting, HVACR, and Utility Submetering services to the Mid-Atlantic region. Since 1982, Sunburst Energy has been a leader in Multi-Family mechanical construction with a focus on energy management, wholesale retrofits and sustainable design.

Sunburst provides mechanical installations and 24/7 service throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Northern Delaware.

Sunburst Energy Systems, Inc.
Forty-Three Limekiln Pike
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