Submetering Installation

Sunburst Energy Systems has provided utility submetering services since 1982 when energy conservation issues were at the forefront of economic news. Sunburst Energy joined with Monitor Data Corporation to provide a full compliment of submetering systems and a comprehensive utility billing service.

Sunburst Energy Submetering SystemsSunburst Energy and Monitor Data Corporation were pioneers in the industry, developing proprietary systems and methods for energy cost allocation in buildings with shared boiler heating systems. Sunburst Energy Systems and Monitor Data Corporation have been awarded the Governor’s Medal in Pennsylvania for our contributions to reducing the carbon footprint of the multi-family industry.

Today, Sunburst Energy provides installation of electric meters, water meters, natural gas meters, and energy cost allocation systems for multifamily and commercial office buildings. We offer wireless meter reading systems that allow remote monitoring of all equipment and for data logging in process industries. Sunburst provides utility submetering services throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.


  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Virginia
  • Massachusetts